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Tuition & Coaching

Piano Think Tank | Schema Coaching

Piano Lessons

I have been teaching the piano since 2013, working one-to-one with people of all ages, backgrounds and levels - from absolute beginners, to advanced and professionals.

 What to Expect

• Fun, friendly and focused lessons with enjoyment and enthusiasm centre-stage.
In-person or online, with between-lesson guidance as needed.
A full range of styles, from classical and contemporary, to pop, jazz, film, theatre...
Advancing your skills in reading music, music theory, playing by ear and technique.
Nurturing creativity through artistic interpretation, improvisation and composition.
All-round support for Grades 1-8, Diplomas, Auditions and Concert Performances

Piano Think Tank | Schema Coaching

Piano Performance Coaching


Piano Performance Coaching is about helping people flourish at the piano

It's about tapping into the things that bring us more calm, spark our interest and creativity, and release our physical restraints or habits of mind that are inhibiting our technical abilities. It's from there that we can then find more joy and satisfaction - the bedrock for success in music.

How We Can Work Together

• Finding more calm, confidence and joy in your playing.
• Rekindling or maintaining enthusiasm and motivation.
• Overcoming performance anxieties.
• Reducing self-criticism and
cultivating more self-compassion.
• Working practically towards goals or ambitions.

• Developing practice routines that suit your needs.
• Freeing up creativity and self-expression.
• Cultivating healthy focus and effort.

• Managing fatigue and stress, and avoiding burnout.

Performance Coaching is an integral part of my piano tuition,
or c
an be offered in separate sessions. 

I work with an approach called Schema Coaching, based on the principles of Schema Therapy. A schema is a pattern of thoughts and feelings that shape our experience and lead us to act in certain ways. We find ways to strengthen the thought processes and behaviours that help us really flourish at the piano, replacing those that may have been inhibiting our musical expression, creativity or connection.

For more information, have a look at my About Schema Coaching page
write to me with any questions.

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